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Michelle Kass standing in front of a painting in the reception of Montecito Brow Studio

Michelle Kass

Michelle Kass has turned brow shaping into an art form. Her expertise creates a brow that is balanced resulting in a natural attraction. At sixteen, Michelle set out to find the perfect brow and that is when she came across the name Anastasia Soare. Now for many women in Santa Barbara that perfect brow is theirs.

“So many women struggle with their eye brows, over-tweezing, choosing a shape that’s just wrong for their features or experimenting with colors when it’s just not necessary,” Michelle explained recently. “It’s all about studying the bone structure, choosing the color that attracts yet balances and applying a light hand.”

Michelle has a passion for her clients, and her clients are loyal – some traveling hours each month for their appointment.

For nearly five years Michelle was the manager at “The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Studio” at Nordstrom Santa Barbara.

Michelle studied Anastasia Soare’s art since she was a teenager and considered it an honor to learn from her over the past half decade.

“I must admit seeing a smile form as my clients look at their new face after a brow shaping means more than any fee. For me this is about helping women look beautiful and feel better.”

Michelle will show you how to create the ideal brow for your face.

Natalie Velasquez

Montecito Brow Studio is excited to welcome our New Brow Stylist and Body Waxer/Sugarer Natalie Velasquez to the team. Natalie has worked in the beauty industry for over five years and has spent the last four weeks training with Michelle Kass to learn the art of the ideal brow.

Book an appointment with Natalie before your next vacation and leave your razor at home!

Natalie Velasquez standing in the office at Montecito Brow Studio